USMC Wilkinson Mameluke Sword


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USMC Wilkinson Mameluke Sword. Marine dress saber sword with scabbard. Elegant Mamluke design. Both sides of blade etched. Bone color handle. Replica of the 1840 sword.

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Wilkinson Mamluk Marine Dress Sword

Overall Length: 38".
Blade Length: 31" Etched both sides.
Blade Material: Stainless Steel.
Handle Material: Bone color with Gold Finish Metal.
Scabbard: Metal Polished.
Beautiful Replica of 1840 Sword.
Comes in felt storage bag.

Mamluke swords were imported from Egypt during Napoleon conquest and these beautiful sabres were adopted by European and by US armed forces.

Mamluks were members of the powerful military caste in Egypt during Turkish rule.